Faizan Hayat Khan

Content & Digital Marketing Specialist | Data Visualizer | Cricket Enthusiast

About Me.

I have recently graduated and now I want to learn and share new things. I am passionate about data visualisation, digital marketing, graphic designing and I also love to write blogs on sports.

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Content Writing
Digital Marketing
Data Mining & Visualization
Social Media Management
Graphic Designing
Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing

Bringing your brand to life through digital storytelling and strategic content creation.

As a digital and content specialist, I have a passion for creating and curating engaging content that resonates with audiences across various platforms. With a strong background in both traditional and digital marketing, I am skilled at developing and executing effective strategies that drive online growth and engagement.




2016 - 2020

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At edly.io, we implemented a content writing strategy focused on educational technology. This resulted in a 250% increase in traffic within the first four months. Our content creation included not only writing but also visuals and videos for social media. We published this content on Wordpress and utilized a social media strategy that effectively grew our following by 100% on both Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition to creating engaging content, we also utilized tools like Ahrefs for keyword analysis and search engine optimization. We designed many of our visuals using Canva and tracked the success of our efforts through tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs. Overall, our focus on educational technology and comprehensive approach to content creation and distribution contributed to our impressive traffic growth.

Content Marketing Specialist