Highest COVID-19 tests in a single day in Pakistan

Highest COVID-19 Tests on a single day in Pakistan

Highest Tests & Low Positivity Rate

The Pakistani nation has successfully passed a tough time. The active cases are just below 8,000 and the positivity rate is below 2% on average since 15th August. Despite a skyrocketing increase in daily tests, the number of cases has remained low for Pakistan as they are still under 800 per day with close to 43,000 tests on the 23rd of September.

Cases decline started in july

The fall of COVID-19 in Pakistan started at the start of July. Active Cases from 108,642 cases on 1st July dropped down to 73,751 on 15th July and by 30th July active cases were just 25,177. During this period the average tests per day were 22k. Daily cases dropped from 4k to less than 1000 per day. Positivity Rate which is the percentage of new cases per new test in a single day kept on decreasing during this period. 19.6% of cases were positive on July 1st while it dropped down to less than 4% by the end of the month.

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New Cases & New Tests of COVID19 in Pakistan

Success story of covid-19 in Pakistan

Pakistan is among the very few countries that we’re able to combat the novel virus successfully despite a high population, limited resources, outdated medical facilities, and illiteracy rates.

Pakistan’s success story is based on smart and timely decisions. The nationwide lockdown was announced in mid-March when the cases were nearly 100. The Pakistani Government enforced locked in phases and during this time. Both federal and provincial got the chance to plan and make arrangements in the hospitals. They planned ahead by introducing relief packages for the daily wagers and lower-income group households. The federal government also established National Command Operations Control (NCOC) which played a huge role in combatting the virus. 

Pakistan was among the very few countries that introduced the concept of “Smart Lockdown” which means that instead of shutting down the entire city, the administration would only lock down a specific area where there are hotspots of Covid-19. This model was highly appreciated later on by the international community and was also replicated in various 1st world countries.

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